Training & Conditioning Sled

"I tell everybody that gets into this industry, there's four things you must have:  a good team; a good harness; a subscription to The Draft Horse Jounal; and a Belgian Hill training sled.  Most owners don't have enough work for their horses--this sled is the solution."

                                                                                                    --Brad "Gomer" Messersmith


  • Very effective for training or conditioning horses
  • Made of durable steel construction with expanded metal flooring and 1/2" wear plates on the runners
  • Tongue pivots for dry conditions or can be pinned solid for slippery conditions
  • Open front sled has metal frame guard with footboard
  • Comes with  raised tongue
  • Two sizes: Draft or Light
  • Weight is 400 lbs
  • Dimensions: Bed is 6' length x 4' width

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  • Shafts
  • Implement seat (set up for one or two)
  • Bench seat

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 Works great for feed sack races!

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