Shoeing Stock

"The last thing I'd get rid of would be my Belgian Hill Shoeing Stock.  It just has so many uses--breeding, vaccinating, washing, clipping etc--and it makes them all easier and safer."

                                                                                           --Bill Dohse


  • For shoeing, trimming, clipping & vet work
  • Winch facilitates picking up feet and includes a 20' rope and one leg strap
  • Hooks on the upper arms at the back of the stock provide access to all four feet with the winch rope
  • Steel loops are provided at the head of the stock to the horse can be securely cross-tied
  • Chain guards go over and under the horse for added safety
  • Double chain barrier at the back of the stock keeps the horse securely in the stock
  • Hoof-rests facilitate elevating each hoof for easy access to trimming or rasping
  • Made of durable steel construction with 3" wood plank flooring
  • Two sizes: Draft or Light Horse
  • Weight is 850 lbs (with optional vet door 880 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 95-1/2"length x 42" width x 88" height

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  • Additional leg straps are available to secure the back legs of the untrained or young horse while working on the front legs
  • Vet door for palpating, ultra sounding, or AI work

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Safety Tip:  When loading the horse into the stock always secure the chains at the back of the stock before tying the head of the horse.  When removing the horse from the stock, always double-check to see that everything else has been undone before removing the back chains.

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